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6 X 9 inches, 48 pages

ISBN 0920806333
Out of print

The Moon of Hunger

Ian McCulloch

IN HIS FIRST BOOK, Ian McCulloch addresses himself to the traditional themes suggested by Indian reservations in startling and crisp language. So too, his metaphors and images evoke the way of life which he, of Cree and white parentage, feels emanates from his own bloodline.

"... his poems reach outside themselves to deepen our understanding of the spiritual side of human nature ... we may hope that Ian McCulloch will be heard by a growing audience"

—Laurel Boone, Canadian Literature

AKONISW-GEESIS ... Moon of Hunger ... February ... when the snows are the deepest, the north wind the strongest and times the hardest. A time of testing, when weaker spirits begin to fail and the best way to go is not always clear. A time when the struggle to survive reaches a crisis.

GIFT LAKE RESERVE ... a name chosen for the bit of irony it contains. It is not meant as a factual represention of any one reserve in particular, but rather it incorporates aspects of several different reserves and settlements. All the events used in the poems and dialogue are based on actual happenings. The characters likewise are fictitious in that they do not represent any specific person but are instead archetypes developed from several different sources.

THE SPIRIT VOICE ... the voice of tradition, a view from the past. Perhaps somewhat romantic, it deals with native legend and the spiritual aspects of native heritage. It comes from the old ways, from what many would see as better, happier times. It comes, perhaps, to help guide the Indian to a better understanding of himself.



Ian McCulloch


Ian McCulloch lives in North Bay, Ontario. His mixed Cree and white roots inform the delicate tension in all of his poetic work. Penumbra Press introduced Ian McCulloch to readers in 1982 with Moon of Hunger. Critical success lead to the publication of The Efficiency of Killers in 1988 and Parables and Rain in 1993, also well-received.

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