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6 X 9 inches, 84 pages

ISBN 0921254881

Clearwater Tarn

Tony Cosier

Penumbra Press Poetry Series, No. 45

CELEBRATE THE CHARM, FURY, and rejuvenating power of nature. Revisit the ice storm of January 1998 through the poet's eyes. Meditate upon a rural stone house and barn. Remember Quebec poet Jack Brooks. Contemplate the mythic creatures of Bill Reid's sculpture The Spirit of Haida Gwaii. Tony Cosier is an adept poet and guide to nature's signs and wonders.

Revolving at the woodshed
between the bringing in of logs
and the entry to the hearth,
I view as I am leaving it
the hue of the fading day
that sets the dull earth glowing
like a coal.

Over the treaded snow
every fibre of lace,
every grain of grass tuft
declares its precisioned sanctity
and stirs so gently in the softened wind
I sense the pang of missing it already,
feel what it must be to lose the world.

December Thaw


Tony Cosier


Tony Cosier is widely published in literary magazines and anthologies nationally and internationally. He is the author of eight volumes of poetry, three plays and Ensemble, a book of short stories. Now retired and living in Ottawa, Tony Cosier is originally from British Columbia, and taught English at Confederation High School in Ottawa for most of his teaching career.
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