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9 X 6 inches, 32 pages

ISBN 921254202

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"Canada's Story" - Activities for Ages 5 to 8

Passing the Peace

A Counting Book for Kids

in English, French, Inuktitut, and Inuinnaqtun

Diane Brookes

Illustrated in fabric art by the author

IN ENGLISH, FRENCH, INUKTITUT, AND INUINNAQTUN. Ten figures, wearing parkas cut from bright felt fabric of different colours, are standing in a circle, hands at their sides, in darkness. A dove hovers above the circle with a bright red heart. One of the parka-clad figures joins hands with another, beginning the count from one through ten. Each figure joins hands with the next, one by one acquiring a bright red heart, and lighting the space around them. The overall theme is one of friendship among people of different languages and races.

A Canadian ABC by Lyn Cook with drawings by Thoreau MacDonald and A Child's Story of Canada by Karin Moorhouse go well with this book by Diane Brookes. All three titles will assist beginning readers to learn the fundamentals of literacy while learning about the country in which they reside.


Diane Brookes

Author, Illustrator

Diane Brookes moved to the Canadian Arctic in 1986. Having adapted the Inuit technique to make felt wall-hangings, she hit upon the idea of photographing felt figures to illustrate an elementary counting book for her new niece and celebrate the theme of passing the Lord's peace through touch.

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