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8 X 8 inches, 24 pages

ISBN 0921254326

More about this item:
"Environment" - Activities for Ages 5 to 8

The Puff Adder Who Was Stuck

Written by Jackie Lewis
Colour artwork by Cindy Crew

THE HEROINE FINDS A SNAKE trapped under a fence. But that is not all she finds. In addition, Opal experiences the Puff Adder's rightful place in the universe when she learns how snakes contribute to the well-being of the entire-ecosystem. Unfolding as a traditional legend, promoting understanding of nature and all of its creatures, The Puff Adder Who Was Stuck is the first of a series of stories from Hastings County, told and illustrated by sisters Jackie Lewis and Cindy Crew.


Jackie Lewis


Jackie Lewis is a school teacher in Coe Hill.


Cindy Crew


Cindy Crew is a full-time artist from Coe Hill, in the heart of Hastings County.

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