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book cover

6 X 9 inches, 96 pages

ISBN 0921254229

Rim Poems

Joseph McLeod

Penumbra Press Poetry Series, No. 24

'WHEN THE MAKER OF THE WORLD completed his work, he became aware of malevolent spirits roaming through his creation. He drove them to the rim of the earth and confronted them with their wickedness.

A battle ensued, wherein the malevolent spirits were slammed in the face with a mountain creating the faces of the False Face Society. These grotesque heads—The Trickster, Coyote—still roam the maker's world and forced by him to work good deeds through humour and cunning and wit.

These are the Rim People and the content of these poems.'

The Rim Poems take us into the world of the aboriginal fallen titans, the Rim People, who bring us along through guile and cunning to the point of choices: the world in which we live or the world we imagine possible, the reality of imagination or the fantasy of reason, the acceptance of mortality in nature or death in a civilization filled with intellectual debris.

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