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6 X 9 inches, 64 pages

ISBN 0920806570

Round Trip Home

Elizabeth Kouhi

Penumbra Press Poetry Series, No. 3

THE MIGRANT'S SENSIBILITY FOR SOUNDS AND MEANINGS is at once familiar and strange. Elizabeth Kouhi is of Finnish ancestry and living in Thunder Bay. Chiefly a writer of poems and stories for children, she turns her attention here to the "lonelier business" of writing poetry for adults. She traces her round about route though art and landscape as an older woman and immigrant to find her sense of home in a young country.

They are like women from the subterranean
Caverns of my mind—women with strong
Rough hands, hair pulled back in sensible
Buns, faces innocent of creams and lotions,
Women who walked a straight row, talked
eye to eye with their men—Pre-Cambrian
Sisters to the Yorkshire women
Resurrected here.

In Ago—Moore Exhibition


Elizabeth Kouhi


Elizabeth Kouhi is of Finnish ancestry and lives in Thunder Bay, Ontario. A retired school teacher, she still regularly visits elementary schools to enchant young children with samples of her northern verse.

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