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6 X 9 inches, 72 pages

ISBN 0920806554

Seven Robins

Neile Graham

Penumbra Press Poetry Series, No. 4

THE NORTHERN PACIFIC COAST is a place rich with subject matter for the perceptive eye and the heightened imagination. In these intimate poems Neile Graham stirs the coastal magic, lets us see her dreams and loves reflected in the spell of the rainforest.

I begin the night knowing
something will come to me:
first comes the wind and the rain
—the wind noises like birds
in the chimney, and the rain hums
against the windows. The house creaks
as though trying fo fly.
Wind and rain and the
crack of the branches outside—
things lost to the tongue.

Full Moon


Neile Graham


Neile Graham was born in Winnipeg, but has spent many years living on the Saanich Peninsula of Vancouver Island. Her poetry has appeared in Fiddlehead, The Malahat Review, From an Island, and Wascana.

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