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book cover

6 X 8 inches, 240 pages
90 facsimile reproductions

ISBN 0920806074
Out of print

ISBN 0920806112
Limited Edition Casebound
Signed and numbered in an edition of 200.
Out of print

Sketchbook, 1915-1922

J.E.H. MacDonald

a facsimile edition

Introduced by Hunter Bishop
Prepared for the Press by John Flood

'REPRODUCTION OF A SKETCHBOOK is important for several reasons, not the least of which is that it brings examples of an artist's preliminary designs to the attention of an appreciative audience. This collection of drawings (1915-1922) by J.E.H. MacDonald—outstanding as a Canadian designer, painter, poet, and teacher—reveals two kinds of preliminary designs: one which gives form to original conceptions or ideas; the other which transforms or adapts visual perceptions. In part, these records are simply mnemonic devices to which the artist can return for further refinement should the need arise.'

—Hunter Bishop, from the Introduction


J.E.H. MacDonald


Artist, Featured

As senior designer at Toronto's prestigious Grip Ltd., J.E.H. MacDonald presided over the talented studio of artists who, meeting regularly at the Arts and Letters Club, banded together in 1920 as the Group of Seven. Although he quit Grip in 1912 to paint full-time and later taught at the Ontario College of Art, MacDonald was a working designer until his premature death. His credo in life as well as in graphic and decorative art was "The Harmony of Means and Purpose."

Following his death in November 1932, the year in which he took a recuperative holiday in Barbados and later produced six of his most brilliant canvases, the Group of Seven was formally disbanded. Without J.E.H. MacDonald, the fire was gone.

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