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book cover

(Reprinted: 1991, 2003)
9 X 8 inches, 48 pages
38 b&w photographs, 20 figures

ISBN 1894131487

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Pre-cuts and Photographs

Soapstone Carving for Children

Bonnie Gosse

Photographs by Dave Gosse

A CRAFT BOOK WITH A DIFFERENCE! First of all, Soapstone Carving for Children is a family book; second, it combines a history of the craft with the procedures of carving, making the book a high-interest source of enjoyment; and third, it provides sample projects and working drawings for children to develop on their own.

Together, Bonnie and Dave Gosse provide children with step-by-step instructions for carving, and visual clues for the proper handling of soapstone. The children in this book, Rebecca Gosse, Sylvie Gosse, and Lani Bastien, attended the Vancouver Waldorf School.

Have a go! Experience the hands-on pleasure of carving soapstone.


Bonnie Gosse

Author, Artist

Bonnie Gosse is an experienced Vancouver teacher and has always been interested in learning and teaching crafts. Soapstone Carving follows on her recent success with Keep it Green, an environmental board game.


Dave Gosse


Dave Gosse is a shipyard cabinet-maker by trade. But he is also an amateur photographer with a love of computers.

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