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9 X 11 inches, 48 pages

ISBN 0921254423
Out of print

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Table of Contents

Teaching Soapstone Carving for Children

A Teacher's Guide

Bonnie Gosse

Edited for the Press by Jane Lind

THIS TEACHER'S GUIDE is designed to accompany Soapstone Carving for Children—a craft book with a difference! First of all, Soapstone Carving for Children is a family book; second, it combines a history of the craft with the procedures of carving, making the book a high-interest source of enjoyment; and third, it provides sample projects and working drawings for children to develop on their own.

Have a go! Experience the hands-on pleasure of carving soapstone.


Bonnie Gosse

Author, Artist

Bonnie Gosse is an experienced Vancouver teacher and has always been interested in learning and teaching crafts. Soapstone Carving follows on her recent success with Keep it Green, an environmental board game.


Jane Lind


Jane Lind was born in Pennsylvania and was educated in the States, graduating from university with a degree in English. After working as an editor in children's magazines in the States, she came with her husband and children to Toronto in 1967 and became a Canadian citizen. Since the early seventies, she has worked as a freelance editor and writer in book publishing.

Kids and teachers are sure to be delighted by the Theme Catalogue and Teaching Guide for Children's Books that Jane Lind has written for Penumbra Press, posted here on Penumbra's web site.

Jane Lind is also a sculptor, and lives in a rural area of Wellington County, near Guelph, Ontario. She is now doing research in preparation for writing a biography of Toronto artist Paraskeva Clark (1898-1986).

Kids' Activity Guide

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