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book cover

6 X 9 inches, 82 pages

ISBN 0920806538

Stranded in Terra

Deborah Godin

Penumbra Press Poetry Series, No. 5

THE NORTHERN PRAIRIE, past and present, bristles with energy as Deborah Godin's roving consciousness inhabits various constituents of the ecosystem. Discovery is in the air as hinted in these titles: Prairie Totem: Butterfly / Coyote Woman, These Are My Summer Lips Still, Various Successive Incarnations as Animals and Plants, Prairie Wake, The Paleontologist Instructs His Find. This is the first in what has become a trilogy of philosophical autobiography by Deborah Godin. Translating Genesis and Troubling a Star continue the journey.

The illustrations in Stranded in Terra are after monotypes, a print making process in which she transfers an image from a plate (in this case, a glass plate) onto paper.

Learn the topography of this field

and you will learn how
its mind works first, you have
to experience the bite
of the march-wind following you
under the fence playing
with your unguarded spine
with the tufts of your wool
coat left behind on the barbs
you need the benefit
of these harsh preliminaries....

from Passages


Deborah Godin

Author, Artist

Poems and short stories by Deborah Godin have been published in several journals and anthologies since 1975, including Northward Journal, Event, Antigonish Review, Canadian Forum, and others. She has been on CBC Radio in Alberta. Her art criticism and reviews have appeared in Arts West Magazine and the Alberta Culture Visual Arts publication. And she has exhibited her artwork in Calgary, Toronto and Saint John.

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