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(Reprinted: 1988)
6 X 9 inches, 160 pages

ISBN 0920806791

Suburbs of the Arctic Circle

Mary Burns

THE NORTH IS A PLACE OF CHALLENGE—especially for those who are its inhabitants, not just its visitors, for visitors, can often get out for readjustment and realignment. In Suburbs of the Arctic Circle Mary Burns gets inside the heads of people who reside in the far north; she explores their roots and their frustrations, their loves and their sorrows. For the most part these stories are about the inhabitants—those who attempt a long-term relationship with the north and come to understand how transplanted domesticity is altered by isolation.


Mary Burns


Mary Burns lives in Vancouver, B.C. Some stories in this collection have been broadcast on CBC Radio and BBC Radio, or have been published in Northward Journal, Prism International, and University of Windsor Review.

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