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6 X 9 inches, 64 pages

ISBN 0921254156

Troubling a Star

Deborah Godin

Penumbra Press Poetry Series, No. 22

A FINAL LOOK AT THE COSMOLOGICAL AND SPIRITUAL ORDERS within the landscape Deborah Godin perceives and imagines. This is the third volume in Godin's philosophical autobiography, following Stranded in Terra and Translating Genesis. These poems sing the Earth electric.

The moon rises ever the same, but nearer

silently emerging from behind
the horizon, escaping the net of trees
uneasy satellite, subtending
at a brave new degree
rolling over the crest it pours
light down over the sleeping precincts
ghostly St. Mary's on the hill reflecting
in the cut and polished marble headstones
sprinkling silvery exes in the shape
of the Greek letter chi over the dark river

it is nearly as bright as day
a roosting robin sings out briefly in
its sleep full in the night
the moon binds itself to us
it leans low, and the ancient face
looms large in our dreams
accompanied, it seems, by muted organ-music
softly it hums to us Kepler's lullaby

The Kingdom Come


Deborah Godin


Poems and short stories by Deborah Godin have been published in several journals and anthologies since 1975, including Northward Journal, Event, Antigonish Review, Canadian Forum, and others. She has been on CBC Radio in Alberta. Her art criticism and reviews have appeared in Arts West Magazine and the Alberta Culture Visual Arts publication. And she has exhibited her artwork in Calgary, Toronto and Saint John.

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