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6 X 9 inches, 64 pages

ISBN 0920806899

Willing Victims

John Nold

Penumbra Press Poetry Series, No. 16

CONCERNED WITH SUCH TRADITIONAL SUBJECTS as the relationships between men and women and nature, these poems seem familiar, yet are strangely new, generated by moments when sharp sensory perception and external and internal reality intensely fuse. With fine technical skill, syntactic innovation, and exact imagery, these lyrics are a record of revelations that lie continually below the surface of ordinary existence.

I am unusually calm tonight
green darkness
up among limbs and branches of trees
overhanging the street, trees
office towers have risen above

—I step along with a total stranger.
She wears her face soft,
a beautiful mask
but speaks so easily, so unafraid
that we are soon lost
in a landslide of dismembered bodies
bombs and statistics.
And I almost forget

it was only her alluring figure, her sensual step
led me along side her in the first place



John Nold


John Nold lives in London, Ontario. Willing Victims is his third collection of poetry. His first book, Open Squares, was published by Coach House Press (1982).

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