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Spring 1978
4 X 6 inches, 72 pages

ISBN 03188655

More about this item:
Mooskek-Owak by John Flood

Mooskek Reader #1

Black Moss journal

a semi-annual of Ontario literature and culture
Series 2, Number 4, Spring 1978

Edited by John Flood

Essays by John Flood, Ken Stange, Robert Dickson, and Allison Mitcham.
Poetry by Patrice Desbiens, Gaston Tremblay, Guy Lizotte, and Robert Dickson.
Illustrations by Mary Weymark Goss and Cynthia Hill Buchar.

'CONNOTATION OF MOVEMENT is appropriate in the definition for one who cannot risk standing still in the north—neither when pursued by blackflies and mosquitoes nor when hampered by freezing temperatures. You've got to keep paddling, keep lifting one snowshoe in front of the other. So our perception of landscape is space that is always on the move; white pines and black spruce, green lakes and sphagnum moss are just reference points, sometimes rest points, but always departure points. Otherwise the bush can be a trap—as much as the mind as of the body. And so we pamper ourselves with tourist promos of the pretty, perhaps even the grand or the sublime, lies, but always if we get a few feet off the trail, the unknown, the wild, the truth is there to dissolve us. And that is north, the mind whose consciousness of itself is heightened by the real unknown, the space we cannot embrace but which absorbs us. It is the home of our worst fears....'

—John Flood, from Mooskek-Owak


John Flood

Editor, Essays

Aside from being the busy proprieter and president of Penumbra Press, John Flood has penned two volumes of poetry of his own, The Land They Occupied (Porcupine's Quill Inc.) and No Longer North (Black Moss Press).

He was also the founding editor of two literary and fine arts magazines, Boréal and Northward Journal: A Quarterly of Northern Arts, and the managing editor of The Literary Review of Canada. He presided over Carleton University Press from 1994 to 1998, where he now serves as an adjunct professor. And like many Penumbra authors, he is listed in the Canadian Who's Who.

He holds a B.A from Saint Dunstan's University (Charlottetown), an M.A. from University of Calgary, and a Ph.D. from University of Toronto. He specializes in Northern and Native literature through the critical lens of reader response theory. A professor of English language and Literature for twenty-four years at Université de Hearst, which once appeared in the Guinness Book of World Records as the smallest university in the world. Dr. Flood was the entire department of English.

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