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6 X 9 inches, 128 pages

ISBN 1-894131-339

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Mary Frost

Penumbra Press Poetry Series, No. 52

"AT LAST, a volume of poetry by Mary Frost. Her voice has stayed with me for years. These stunning poems combine the holy and the everyday. The language is luminous and here we are, along with Frost, touching the mystery of time and life. Her sense of humanity is great. One can only say "thank you" for these words and lines and for the images that show something we have always known. A teapot carried over from Finland, an old soldier on Remembrance Day, children on the shore: all are transformed by this poet's magic. A wonderful book of exquisite poetry."

Veronica Ross, former writer-in-residence in Thunder Bay

"Ireland gave Mary Frost song and the landscape of Celtic legend. The Canadian Shield has contributed spareness to her wise and fiesty poems.
For years, reading her poems in manuscript, I have considered her the most accomplished poet in Canada and Ireland to be without a book. Straightlines is some debut!"
Claude Liman, Lakehead University


Mary Frost


Born in Cork, Ireland, Mary Frost eventually found her roots in Thunder Bay, Ontario, with her husband in 1983, both becoming Canadian citizens in 1989. An active writer in her community, member of the Thunder Bay Writers Guild, and a founding member of the Poetry Workshop, Mary has had stories in several anthologies as well as poems in local magazines.

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