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May 2004
6 X 9 inches, 200 pages
Colour plates

ISBN 1894131452

Where Cold Winds Blow

33 Years in the Arctic

Bill Webb

Where Cold Winds Blow is a story about a group of individuals who patrol the high Arctic in Coast Guard Icebreakers escorting commercial vessels to various settlements and sites throughout the Islands, and how they prepare to meet the challenges created by extreme ice and weather conditions, 200 to 300-foot icebergs, and the isolation and loneliness of the Arctic.

It's the story of how the airborne unit and its 15 crew members working from high arctic bases in Iqaluit on Baffin Island, Resolute Bay on Cornwallis Island, Thule (Greenland) and Inuvik (North West Territories) operated and maintained the aircraft for flights that would average 10 hours a day. There were many emergency landings, close calls and always the daily hazards of flying through unpredictable weather.

"The story-telling ability of Bill Webb is Mowattesque in stature. Both Webb and his adventures become larger than life. They border on fantasy and mysticism."

—Larry B. Solar, Solar System Transportation


Bill Webb


Bill Webb’s lifetime of work in the Canadian arctic spanned close more than three decades, the last twenty-six as project manager on field operations that took him from Greenland to Alaska and northward to Ellesmere Island. In addition to monitoring icebergs, he was involved wildlife and ecology as well as search and rescue for the military.

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