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Fall 2003
6 X 9 inches, 256 pages

ISBN 1-894131-444

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Landon Pearson's Senatorial Website

Letters from Moscow

Landon Pearson

Canada-Russia Series, No. 4

From 1980-1983, the author's husband, Geoffrey Pearson, was Ambassador to the Soviet Union. The political climate of the early 1980's was characterized by an intensification of the cold war and polarization of ideologies between east and west.

During this time, Landon Pearson wrote regular letters both to sort through her impressions of Soviet life and to communicate with friends and family back in Canada. Although these letters were personal in nature, Pearson was always conscious of the fact that as a representative of her country abroad she must discreet.

The product, published here in cooperation with the Centre for Research on Canada-Russia Relations is a poignant account of life in the Soviet Union during its waning years through the eyes of a Canadian living in Moscow.


Landon Pearson


Landon Pearson has dedicated most of her adult life to the betterment of the lives of children from her own 5 to the less fortunate in the far flung corners of the globe while also carrying out the duties of a senior diplomat's wife and later those of a Senator.

Notable among her many accomplishments: Vice-Chair of the Canadian Commission for the International Year of the Child; President and later Chair of the Canadian Council for Children and Youth and Chair of the Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children.

Since being appointed to the Senate in 1994, she has also been named Advisor on Children's rights to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and personal representative of Prime Minister Chretien to the 2002 Special Session on Children at the UN.

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