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December 2004
6 X 8 inches, 96 pages
1 Black & white photo

ISBN 1894131657

Journey Under Glass

John Baglow

Penumbra Press Poetry Series, No. 55

IF NOTHING IS CONSTANT BUT CHANGE, then everything for the marvelling consciousness is a journey, a process of transformation in which we may choose to drift or, if we are possessed of luck, vision, foolhardiness or desperation, try to set our own course. These poems are the trace of one, or more than one, such voyage.

Elements of political satire, frustration and fantasy combine in sometimes startling ways, transmuting the bleak landscape of the New World Order into the stuff of wonder and even hope. Baglow sets out to find the world, not leave it behind. Readers are invited to join him as fellow passengers on what is literally the voyage of a lifetime.


John Baglow


Besides poetry, John Baglow has also published a study of the work of the modern Scottish poet Hugh MacDiarmid

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