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February 2005
6 X 9 inches, 368 pages
one black-&-white photo in each of 38 chapters

ISBN 1894131711
First Edition
Out of print

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Out of print

Always an Updraft

A Writer Remembers

Munroe Scott

Archives of Canadian Arts, Culture, and Heritage

"IN Always An Updraft, MUNROE SCOTT takes us on a personal lifelong journey through the complicated terrain of a freelance writer in Canada. The vivid descriptions of his journey are full of factual eye-opening scenes, with roadblocks and successes—underscored with humour. It is a work of a highly accomplished story teller, writer-director of many hours of prime Canadian television , and an award-winning playwright. To aspiring future Film, Television and Theatre writers and directors Always An Updraft is an invaluable collection of lessons, learned in a hard-knocks school, and should be included in Recommended Reading lists for university students studying FILM - VIDEO, THEATRE and CREATIVE WRITING."
— Vincent Vaitiekumas, Professor Emeritus, Film & Video Department, York University

"Like everything else Munroe Scott has written, from plays to novels to newspaper columns to biography, not to mention dozens of scripts for screen large and small, these memoirs are rollicking and touching."
— R.B. Fleming, Historian


Munroe Scott


Munroe Scott is among the most dedicated of freelance writers and artists in this country. Having begun as a staff writer with Crawley Films in the early 1950s, he is perhaps best-known as the writer and director of the CBC-TV series The Tenth Decade, First Person Singular (The Pearson Memoirs), and One Canadian (The Diefenbaker Memoirs). In addition to writing the Sound & Light Show for Parliament Hill, 1984-93, Munroe Scott is the biographer of Dr. Robert McClure and an award-winning playwright and columnist.

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