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book cover

6 X 9 inches, 78 pages

ISBN 0921254741

Advice to Travellers

Ken Stange

Penumbra Press Poetry Series, No. 39

THE POEMS ARE AS READABLE as an advice column, but as "unsentimental as spit on the sidewalk."

Stange's previous books include Bushed, Nocturnal Rhythms (with Penumbra Press), Cold Pigging Poetics, and Bourgeois Pleasures. The cover of Advice to Travellers is from an original piece of computer art created by Ken Stange.

Some critics' comments on previous books:

Quill and Quire:
"precise and elegant"

The Globe and Mail:
"delights and difficulties"

Toronto Star:

The Globe and Mail:
"Bushed is to the mentality of urban sprawl what James Dickey's Deliverance was to the Boy Scouts of America ... an avatistic tour de force ... a work of startling power and insight."

Books in Canada:
"achieves a hard precision"

Windsor Star:
"elaborate co-mingling of forms"

"Stange can still blow me from the page with one of his easy sounding, chunky poems."


Ken Stange


Without further ado, here is Ken Stange in his on-line glory:

Strangely Wired Eclectic Outlet

Introduction to A Smoother Pebble, A Prettier Shell

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