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6 X 9 inches, 38 pages

ISBN 1894131584
Published in 2003

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Chapter One: bang! Something Hit Him
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Mary Tanguay

Illustrations by Tim Yearington

MARY TANGUAY WAS BORN IN COUNTY TYRONE, Ireland. She drew on her teaching experience to write the story of Kiyask, a story of a young Cree boy who is asked by his teacher to care for an injured seagull found in the schoolyard. The adventure is a learning experience for the boy, his family, his classmates and their teacher.


Mary Tanguay


Mary Tanguay began writing at an early age, mostly poetry and short stories. Her first novel, Run With Nare, was published in 1983 and translated into several languages. She has also published a children’s book, The Accident; a short story, “A Woman’s Liberation,” was broadcast by the BBC; and a novel, Be At The Windmill, which deals with the Irish diaspora and their part in the founding of the capital of Canada. Other works include a novel based on the life of a famous sixteenth-century Irish sea Captain, No Small Woman, which has been accepted for a feature film in Ireland by Fred Craig, Paramedia. A play, Return To Grosse Ile, was presented by Zyber Theatre in Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland, as well as by the Tara Players in Ottawa, Canada.


Tim Yearington


Tim Yearington is an explorer at heart. Growing up in Northern Ontario, rich forests were always nearby for him to discover. Mother Earth became an important teacher for him and inspired him to draw. After excelling in art in high school, Tim graduated from the illustration program at Sheridan College and moved to Ottawa to start his career. Wilderness and wild animals have always been his passion. Now a freelance illustrator, artist and writer Tim strives to capture the Spirit of Nature in his all of his work, “Learn to see what your eyes cannot see. Learn to see with your heart—and believe it.” When Tim journeys into the forest, he carries his sketchbook and pencils in an old green pack; the same one he used as a boy.

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