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September 2005
6 X 9 inches, 224 pages

ISBN 1894131835
Third Edition

A Knight in Africa

Journey from Bukene

J. K. Chande

Foreword by President Benjamin William Mkapa

Sir "Andy" Chande (as Sir Jayantilal Keshavji Chande is familiarly known) shares his memories, his experiences, and his wisdom in this memoir as an informed and conscientious observer of (and a key participant in) the radical changes that East Africa has undergone during the last seventy-five years. He has been a prominent entrepreneur and a devoted public servant in his native Tanzania, and a tireless worker in charitable organizations both at home and internationally.

Although Chande's memoir contains much useful and informative analysis of economic development in the developing world, the politics of decolonization, and the effective distribution of aid to poor countries, such weighty subjects are presented in the context of a life richly remembered, a life firmly rooted in family and place.

"J.K. Chande's book has already taken its place on my shelves alongside such departed heroes as Winston Churchill, and Chu Teh, but also on the same shelf as people who are still very much with us like Arnold Wesker, the English playwright, and Oscar Peterson ... [Chande] never uses an unnecessary word, and his beguiling mixture of narrative and observation proceeds at a brisk clip from first to last page." — Guardian

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