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book cover

Fall 2005
6 X 9 inches, 256 pages

ISBN 189413186X

Tomorrow is a Lovely Day

Garfield Thomas Ogilvie

TOMORROW IS A LOVELY DAY illuminates the past with the insights of a gifted storyteller with a keen eye for human interest.

In this book you will find prose and poetry, humour and pathos, warmth and understanding, woven throughout a series of concise vignettes. The author will take you across the Atlantic on journeys to find his roots. You will encounter religious devotion, past and present. Garfield Ogilivie offers personal historical insights, as well as snapshots of seasons, beloved pets, and the small creatures you find in city backyards.

This book draws you into a world that is passing away — a world that delivers, in its twilight, persistent, heart-warming messages of love and hope.

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