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Fall 2006
8 X 11 inches, 72 pages

ISBN 1894131959
Practice CD included

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Samples from the CD

A Piper's American Odyssey

Contemporary Compositions for the Bagpipe

Pipe Major Hugh D. Macpherson

With A Piper's American Odyssey, Pipe Major Hugh D. Macpherson has assembled a magnificent homage to Canada's southerly neighbour. Twenty-two new bagpipe compositions by PM Macpherson, as well as a selection of tunes from some of the finest contemporary US composers, are paired with micro-essays on the origins of the compositions. Mining the rich vein of American history and reflecting on the present, PM Macpherson's music and text reverberate long after the book is closed, the chanter at ease.

"This book again unites Hugh Macpherson's musical composition skill with his love of military history — this time American military history. It demonstrates the close bond of respect and friendship that exists between American pipers and Canadian pipers, between American soldiers and Canadian soldiers — the same bond and respect that the vast majority of Canadians feel for their American neighbors."
— John de Chastelain, General (Retired), Canadian Forces

"This book is a major read. I have spent, for the most part, the complete winter playing the tunes, memorizing some and reading all the various stories related to the composers and their music."
— Pipe Major Kenneth Eller

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