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Winter 2006
6 X 9 inches, 96 pages

ISBN 1894131975

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Economies of Gratitude

Ellen Symons

Mary Weymark Goss

Penumbra Press Poetry Series, No. 63

ECONOMIES OF GRATITUDE is a collection of poems about perception, communication and relationship. It does not come to conclusions, but explores ideas about each of these themes through interactions with the natural world, through friendships and kinships, and through illness and death.


Mary Weymark Goss



Ellen Symons


Ellen Symons has believed that stones, plants, animals, and even buildings communicate with the world around them since she was very young. Recently, she has discovered that a few people actually agree with her.

Her previous publishing credits include articles, short stories and poetry in Canadian Journal of Women and the Law, Fireweed, CV2, The Carleton Arts Review, and other journals and anthologies. She was one of the founding editors of Bywords: Poetry and Ottawa Literary Events, and was a featured writer at the Lambda Foundationís annual Wilde About Sappho reading at the National
Library of Canada in 1992.

Symons has studied history, English and law, worked in
human rights, run a business, and taught yoga. Recently, she has begun a new career in massage therapy. She is working on two forthcoming poetry

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