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Fall 2007
6 X 8 inches, 288 pages

ISBN 978-1-897323-10-6
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The CPAC Interviews

Ken Rockburn

CULLED FROM YEARS OF CONVERSATIONS with the famous, the powerful and the influential, Rockburn: The CPAC Interviews features a wide range of intriguing and fascinating people — from Sandra Oh, Matthew Good, Rick Mercer and Ian Tyson to Lewis Lapham, Hans Blix, Jane Jacobs and Tom Hayden.

This book gives you Maher Arar's first-hand account of his torture at the hands of his Syrian captors; shows you what urban visionary Jane Jacobs has in common with artist, political activist and former rock star Mendelson Joe; lets you read about cartoonist Terry Mosher's fight against the drug abuse that almost finished his career; and offers up the candid words of beloved Canadian broadcaster Peter Gzowski in one of his last interviews.

Rockburn: The CPAC Interviews is an entertaining smorgasbord of thoughts and opinions from some of the most recognizable people in the worlds of politics, culture and entertainment today.

"One of the best interviewers in Canadian television today. He is intelligent, informed, penetrating and witty. He knows his subjects and he knows how to draw the best from them."
— Andrew Cohen, author of The Unfinished Canadian

"Refusing to submit to sound-bite journalism,
Ken Rockburn has kept alive the art of the in-depth interview. This collection of thoughtful and provocative interviews with some intriguing characters shows why he's done us all a big favour."
— Linda McQuaig, author of Holding the Bully's Coat


Ken Rockburn


KEN ROCKBURN has been a radio and television broadcaster and writer for almost four decades. He has worked in private radio, for CBC Radio and CBC Television, and has written for the Ottawa Citizen and the National Post. He is the author of Medium Rare: Jamming with Culture and the winner of three National Radio Awards. He is the host of the Cable Public Affairs Channel program Talk Politics.

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