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book cover

Fall 2009
10 X 10 inches, 80 pages
72 plates, more than two-dozen photos

ISBN 978-1-897323-144
First Edition,
Designed by Dennis Choquette at Flush & Hang, Toronto. Edited for Penumbra Press by Douglas Campbell.

More about this item:

On The Edge of Discovery

Contemporary Paintings in a Personal Context

Blair Thomas Paul

Alan King (Foreword); Melville McLean (Reaction); Bill Young, Michael Bowie, Jonathan Clouter (Photography)

Archives of Canadian Arts, Culture, and Heritage

"From the time of our birth we are always moving outward, seeking to know who we really are, discovering our personal essence.... Each new piece of work demands sustained concentration. There must be a balance between playfulness and discipline, between confidence and questioning — and yet spontaneity is essential. Like many other artists, I am constantly striving for perfection."

Born in Almonte, Ontario, in 1951, Blair
Thomas Paul completed his formal art
education in 1974 at the Ontario College
of Art, in Toronto. He has studied art
history at Carleton University, Ottawa,
and he graduated from the Technological
Studies program at Queen's University,
Kingston, in 1984. Since then he has
been a fine-art educator at various
institutions while continuing
to practise his art.
His work is in private, public, and
corporate collections in Canada and
abroad. In 1986 he was unanimously
elected to the Ontario Society of Artists, in
Toronto, and he received an award of
merit for a drawing titled CC 2000. In 2006
he was an artist-in-residence
at Vallauris, France.
In September 2008 Blair introduced a fine art
program at Algonquin College, Ottawa,
where he continues to teach.

"Blair Paul's work demonstrates his
versatility in work that ranges from realism
to minimalism, from landscape to
abstraction. His amazing skill and technical
expertise in a variety of media — the stark
geometric contrasts in his drawings, the
conceptual messages in his abstract
paintings, and the lush textures in his
landscapes — captivates the viewer."
Lillian Michiko Blakey, OSA
President, Ontario Society of Artists

"I have known Blair for over fifteen years and
I have always been impressed by his honest
approach to life and, of course, his art. Blair
has highly developed skills, which are
evident in his unique paintings, whatever
the subject. What sets Blair apart, however,
is his ability to employ different approaches
to his work when he feels it's called for.
This produces very exciting art."
Paul Henry (1932-2008)
Ottawa artist

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