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book cover

Winter 2011
4 X 4 inches,

ISBN 8-30159-00958-2

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Happy in this Oblivion

Pop Album


Nominated for two PEI Music Awards: Female Vocalist of the Year, and Pop Recording of the Year.

"My music is passionate, thought provoking and edgy. It reflects on the past, lives in the present and encourages the future. I write from the heart creating a style that's original yet congruent with pop culture. They are a marriage of classic rock and modern Brit Pop. Rock and roll, Baby!"


Chastity Fizzard


A passion to sing drives singer-songwriter CHASTITY FIZZARD, a gypsy spirited, pop artist with a lot of heart. Born in Newfoundland, Chastity is an East Coast girl who started pounding on a piano when she was just two years old at the home of her grandfather. After picking up the guitar at age twelve, she discovered her true calling as a singer-songwriter. "I am a passionate person and I write about what I feel, as honestly as I can." CHASTITY says, "I think that is why people respond so well to my music. It is about life, it is about love and hate, pain and beauty. It is really about the things we all feel. And that is what I have got to sing about."

And that is exactly what she does. Currently living in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, and while playing local clubs and events, CHASTITY has been busy writing, honing, and preparing for her East Coast tour in support of her first CD entitled "Happy in this Oblivion." She has also performed in northeastern United States and is working alongside Bruised Productions, Halifax to record a video for her first single, "Forest of Angels." Once all her tour dates are booked, CHASTITY will work alongside SpinCount to bring her first single to radio as a means to promote her tour and increase her profile as an emerging Pop Artist. Currently, "Forest of Angels" is being played on CBC and The Hawk, Port Hawksbury even before tracking has begun. "I am an emerging artist with a lot to say," she smiles, "I am keeping it real and am totally focused on fulfilling this dream."

In February 2001 ZIF Music got her started on her first CD experience, recording three original tunes, "Exile," "Cannonball," and "Hideaway." On the strength of this, CHASTITY showcased at the Canadian Music Week Conference in Toronto where she was well received at the "B-Side." Since then, and over the past seven years, she has been building her fan base by playing at numerous venues in Montreal, Toronto, Vienna, Austria, and on the East Coast of Canada. At the 2011 ECMAs in Charlottetown, Chastity will be a featured guest in the Bluebird North Songwriters Circle.

The drive to write and perform her blend of music is starting to pay off. "I have to write for myself," she explains, "I suppose, I could have chosen another path, but I love the writing as much as I do the singing. It is really the only way for me to reach out and rock everyone who feels anything about this trip we are all on."

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