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November 2012
6 X 9 inches, 88 pages

ISBN 9781897323236

The Narcoleptic Madonna

Kim Fahner

Penumbra Press Poetry Series, No. 69

Kim Fahner's poetry speaks to the power of the unseen world, whether that world is rooted in nature, or in the interconnected relationships that lend form and substance to a person's life. In these works, a sense of the extraordinary weaves itself through the ordinary rhythms and fabric of daily life. This collection, gathering poetry written over the span of twelve years, is diverse but speaks to the idea of journeying and pilgrimage. The essence and imagery of a rocky but ruggedly beautiful Northern Ontario landscape is an obvious presence in Fahner's poetry, but these are poems that can be enjoyed from any landscape. Fahner's work transcends place and transports the reader to spaces and places both within and beyond.

"Not limited by time or space, Fahner's work transcends and transports the reader, so that dragons become a possibility, and the narcoleptic madonna, an old friend." Melanie Marttila



The pine tree
down the street
cradles a grey sweater,
makes me wonder
if a sharp breeze
carried it from someone's backyard clothesline, or if,
in the warming of
an early May day,
it was cast off
for good —
only just a shadow
of its former owner.


Kim Fahner


An associate member of the League of Canadian Poets, Kim Fahner lives and writes in Sudbury. Shortlisted for the Canadian Authors' Association Air Canada Award for most promising Canadian writer under 30, Kim has also studied with Timothy Findley through the Humber School for Writers. In addition to a chapbook with Your Scrivener Press, she has published in several Canadian journals and anthologies, and is a co-founder of a poetry journal called ... like lemmings ... (poetry over the edge). braille on water is her first full-length poetry publication.

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