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April 2014
6 X 9 inches, 120 pages

ISBN 978-1-897323-31-1
First Edition

More about this item:
Whipple Interview

The Language Tree in Winter

New and Collected Poems (Book Three)

Whipple's Third Volume in the Penumbra Press Series

George Whipple

Penumbra Press Poetry Series, No. 70

George Whipple was born in Saint John, NB, grew up in Toronto, and since 1985 has lived in Burnaby, BC, writing, sketching and translating French poetry. He is a member of the League of Canadian Poets; is listed in Contemporary Authors and the Literary Guide to Toronto; was profiled in Canadian Author, and Writer's Market, (USA), and extensively interviewed for The Antigonish Review (issue 144, archived at

His complete poems, sketches and miscellaneous papers are archived in the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, University of Toronto, and in the Canadian Poetry Archive, University of Calgary.

This is his 15th book of poetry.

"Your poems stir the mind with their Quixotications."
George McWhirter

"You have discovered a new metaphorical vigour that is most enjoyable."
W. J. Keith

"Sophisticated poetry with rewards for every reader."
John Robert Colombo

"I like your spare, hospitable poems."
Robyn Sarah


George Whipple


George Whipple was born in Saint John, NB, grew up in Toronto, and now lives and writes in Burnaby, BC. A member of the League of Canadian Poets, he has been profiled in Canadian Author, Poet's Market and is listed in Contemporary Authors, and the Literary Guide to Toronto.

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