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9 X 8 inches, 140 pages
100 pencil drawings from his sketchbook

ISBN 0920806376
Casebound Slipcased
Bound in Milbank linen. Slipcased. Signed by Naomi Jackson Groves.
Out of print

The Arctic 1927

A.Y. Jackson

published on the centenary of the artist's birth

Introductions by Dr. Frederick Banting and Naomi Jackson Groves

THIS HANDSOME BOOK CELEBRATES the centenary of the birth of one of Canada's most well-known artists. Born on October 3, 1882, Jackson spent many years travelling and painting throughout Canada. In 1927 he spent seven weeks with Dr. Frederick Banting (a co-disoverer of insulin) about the Beothic, an ice-breaking supply ship, in the eastern arctic. Includes scores of drawings and two very different diaries of the same trip.


A. Y. Jackson


Author, Artist

A.Y. Jackson - Group of Seven Biography

A.Y. Jackson on the Internet


Naomi Jackson Groves


Editor, Introduction

Naomi Jackson Groves has been a boon to Penumbra Press, helping to shape Penumbra's sensibility, while proffering an oeuvre that shows remarkable range. As a diarist, opening up the diaries from her youth abroad exploring the intellectual and artistic life of Europe in the 1930's and 1940's. As the author or editor of books about her uncle, Group of Seven artist A.Y. Jackson. ("A courageous little cuss" is how her uncle sized her up, after her wartime travel in waters infested by German submarines.) As the translator of works by Greenland artist and author, Jens Rosing. As the generous spirit encouraging several other Penumbra projects off the ground. She is renowned for her critical writing and translations of German sculptor and dramatist Ernst Barlach.

Naomi Jackson Groves specialized in German and northern languages. Born in Montreal in 1910, she would graduate from McGill University with a B.A. in 1933 and an M.A. in 1935, from Radcliffe College in 1937, and from Harvard with a Ph.D. in 1950. In addition to teaching German at McGill and Carleton Universities, she re-established and headed the Fine Arts Department at McMaster University (1951-57). Active into her tenth decade, she passed away in December of 2001.

Remembering Naomi Jackson Groves ...

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