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5 X 7 inches, 96 pages

ISBN 0921254245

More about this item:
"Canada's Story" - Activities for Ages 5 to 8

A Canadian ABC

An Alphabet Book for Kids

Lyn Cook
Illustrated by Thoreau MacDonald

A LOVE OF HISTORY AND STORYTELLING have gone into imagining quintessential Canadian situations to portray each letter of the alphabet. Lyn Cook, who has awed young readers with some seventeen books, provides the delightful contemporary rhyming verse. Lovingly drawn in pen and ink by Thoreau MacDonald in 1931, the letters are themselves encapsulations of Canada's history, geography, and rural topography—the very elements which make Lyn Cook such a popular author. Readers of all ages and skills are invited to join us in this uniquely Canadian celebration of the alphabet.

This book complements two other publications by Penumbra Press: A Child's Story of Canada, by Karin Moorhouse, and Passing the Peace: A Canadian Counting Book, by Diane Brookes. All three titles will assist beginning readers to learn the fundamentals of literacy while learning about the country in which they reside.

"Just when you think you have seen every possible variation on the theme of alphabet books, a new one comes along that is fresh and exciting. Lyn Cook's A Canadian ABC is just such a book. Cook has composed verse to accompany Thoreau MacDonald's illustrations, which originally appeared in 1931 in A Canadian Child's ABC...
Cook's work is the perfect complement to MacDonald's black-and-white drawings, with words and pictures combining to create a wonderful mood and spirit of Canadian history."
— Canadian Review of Materials


Thoreau MacDonald


See a biography for Thoreau MacDonald in the description for the book A Boy All Spirit.


Lyn Cook


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