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book cover

4 X 7 inches, 48 pages
one b&w drawing

ISBN 0920806562

ISBN 0920806007
Original edition published in 1979.
Out of print

Country You Can't Walk In

M.T. Kelly

Illustration by Mary Weymark-Goss

Penumbra Press Poetry Series, No. 6

THIS REISSUE of M.T. Kelly's 1979 publication spanks a fresh format and seven more poems, still about the north.

'Evokes the ugliness and brutality of man's impact on the North with saw-edged images'

—John Bemrose, Globe and Mail

'The words are sparse and singularly chilling, much like northern landscapes a fine collection of poetry'

'Passionately disturbing'
—Robin Skelton, Quill & Quire

He's very quiet you said, meaning dull,
the man you're going to marry;
and no matter what the shadows promise,
nothing is transformed.
Everyone can claim a kind of innocence.

What matters is that images linger;
one humid night, two women,
a dream that was a prayer:
the boreal forest in winter,
a glade at the edge of the world.

A god inhabits them all,
A god of high spring sky,
Of April and May light:
There's a shimmer
in this haunted wood.

What gleams repeats,
The god will come again.

After The God


M. T. Kelly


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