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6 X 9 inches, 80 pages

ISBN 092080618X

The Elizabeth Trinities

Robert Billings

BILLINGS' LANDSCAPE IS UNIVERSALLY NORTH; it provides for the perpetual life and death struggle, for the instinct of animals in their natural wildness, for the tricked gods and their resultant anger.

... The land lay like a dream
of land; the orange glare
spread between the islands' gap
like unbearable faith;
grass was gold, rock
glinted, and even
the green-black of the pine forest
seemed to glisten—as badgers' eyes
do for the night and a new prowl....

from A Lake in Northern Ontario, August


Robert Billings


Robert Billings was born in Niagara Falls, Ontario, in 1949. His poems and reviews of Canadian poetry have appeared widely in Canada, Britain, and the United States. He holds two Masters degrees in English (Queen's & Windsor). He established himself as an editor for literary magazines. (Remember Quarry, Poetry Windsor Poesie, and Waves?)

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