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13 X 13 inches, 28 pages
28 leaves

ISBN 0935915095
Limited Edition Portfolio
Loosely bound in a sturdy boxed edition.

The Fitzgerald Alphabet

Lionel LeMoine Fitzgerald

THIS IS A UNIQUE COLLECTION of the letters to the alphabet, reproduced from the original ink drawings of LeMoine FitzGerald (1890-1956).

Perfect for the classroom, the den, the study, the office, the reception room, the lounge. Meditative. A stylish, pointillist play of shadow and light illuminate these glyphs of the alphabet.


Lionel LeMoine FitzGerald



'The life, the character, thought and painting of LeMoine FitzGerald was one of harmonious creative union. It was a long and deeply contemplated interplay between one of the finest sensibilities this country has known and the themes, rhythms, moods and subjects he drew and painted.'

—Lawren Harris, member of the Group of Seven

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