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book cover

8 X 8 inches, 32 pages

ISBN 092125461X

How I Got My Dogsled

Written by Jackie Lewis
Colour artwork by Cindy Crew

A CARING, YOUNG GIRL BEFRIENDS A STRAY DOG and her pups. The small, grey Husky is given a new home and her two pups, Kazik and Silvertoes, are trained to wear harnesses and then to pull a sled. This is a story of mutual friendship and respect.

Following the success of The Puff Adder Who Was Stuck, the sister team of Jackie Lewis and Cindy Crew set off on another joint venture of story-telling and illustrating, once again bringing to the page the added dimension of Hastings County folklore.


Jackie Lewis


Jackie Lewis is a school teacher in Coe Hill.


Cindy Crew


Cindy Crew is a full-time artist from Coe Hill, in the heart of Hastings County.

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