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6 X 9 inches, 170 pages
75 colour photos, 10 b&w archival photos, 30 maps and tables

ISBN 1894131142
See La Capitale Boisée for the edition in French.

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Capital Woodlands

A Field and Armchair Guide to Ottawa's Urban Woodlands and Wooded Areas

Places in the city, places in the mind ...

Seaton Findlay

Cities have rightly been described as a merciless adversary of natural green space. Ottawa, however, has managed to maintain myriad natural and semi-natural nooks and crannies that serve as windows onto landscapes of the past. Some of these areas have been lovingly, if often anonymously, preserved and enhanced by past generations; others are simply wild areas in the city. Some are well known; some are well-kept secrets. A few have official names; a few have signs. None is identified as a woodland on a city map.

As the capital's system of paths and bikeways makes more and more of these areas readily accessible, now seems a perfect occasion to get to know them better. Capital Woodlands uses geography, natural history, city history, and ecology to stimulate interest in and appreciation for the wooded areas of Ottawal. This practical and historical guide is equally at home in your glove compartment, backpack, or bookcase.


Seaton Findlay


Seaton Findlay is a documentary film & video writer. He is a former member of the City of Ottawa's Urban Forest Citizens' Committee and a member of the Ottawa Stewardship Council.

Scénariste documentaire, Seaton Findlay a fait partie du Comité des citoyens pour la forêt urbaine d'Ottawa. Il est aujourd'hui membre du Conseil l'intendance environnementale d'Ottawa.

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