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9 X 6 inches, 34 pages

ISBN 0920806600

More about this item:
"Animals/Pets" - Activities for Ages 5 to 8

Legs et Bizou / Legs and Bizou

in English and French

Written by Frances Cherry
Illustrations by Corinne Tounsi

BIZOU IS A BLACK POODLE. He travels to Paris with Legs, a dancer, and has all kinds of adventures. He could not understand French, and he was so interested in the new sights and sounds that Legs could hardly keep track of him. Bizou manages to learn some French, but in the end after his travels he is delighted with the idea of being home again.

This playful, light-hearted story begins in English, but changes to French the longer Legs and Bizou stay in Paris.


Frances Cherry


Dr. Frances Chery is a member of the Psychology Department at Carleton University in Ottawa.


Corinne Tounsi


Corinne Tounsi is an illustrator living in Paris.

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