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ISBN 1894131215
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The Liberators

a novel

Munroe Scott

IT IS THE SPRING OF 1838 as an innocent backwoods girl, full of primal evolutionary yearnings, sets out to liberate her fiancé from the Redcoats at Fort Henry and finds herself involved in a boisterous invasion of Upper Canada with as motley a crew of piratical patriots as ever prowled the Thousand Islands or graced the Canadian political scene. It is a small microcosm of the Upper Canada rebellion that takes place, fittingly enough after the Rebellion is already over.


Munroe Scott


Munroe Scott is among the most dedicated of freelance writers and artists in this country. Having begun as a staff writer with Crawley Films in the early 1950s, he is perhaps best-known as the writer and director of the CBC-TV series The Tenth Decade, First Person Singular (The Pearson Memoirs), and One Canadian (The Diefenbaker Memoirs). In addition to writing the Sound & Light Show for Parliament Hill, 1984-93, Munroe Scott is the biographer of Dr. Robert McClure and an award-winning playwright and columnist.

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