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J.O. (Judi) Pennanen

Judi Pennanen's artwork and illustrations have frequently accompanied books by Penumbra Press since its inception in 1979. She is also the author of her own book for children called, Heads or Tails. A resident of Huntsville, Ontario, Judi is represented in several major collections, public and private. Her subject matter very often derives from the northland itself, as in North Country Spring, from which she draws on the sights and sounds of "the landscape and its creatures, and the four seasons that create the variety and richness of the places."

Penumbra books:
Gaga (Author)
Heads or Tails (Author)
Little Stitch (Author)
My Name is Louis (Author)
North Country Spring: A book of verse for children (Author)
The Princess Who Laughed in Colours (Author)
Riding High (Author)
The Secret Code of DNA (Author)
The Touch of Something Wild (Author)

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