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Self Portrait, 1895: Copyright Ernst Barlach Lizenzverwaltung Ratzeburg

Ernst Barlach


Master of both visual and verbal creations but better known at first for his sculpture in ceramics and in wood, Barlach also wrote eight plays. All have become increasingly appreciated and performed, first in German-speaking countries, later in translation with many interpretations.

Further publications in the Barlach-in-translation series by Penumbra Press will include the remaining dramas, two novels, and some short, miscellaneous prose pieces. With five Barlach museums in Germany, frequent presentation of his plays, a new complete edition of his works being planned, Ernst Barlach (the Doubly-gifted) continues to thrive—and long may he last.

(Self Portrait, 1895: Copyright Ernst Barlach Lizenzverwaltung Ratzeburg)

Penumbra books:
The Dead Day: Drama in Five Acts (Author)
Ernst Barlach: Life in Work (Author)
The Poor Relation (Author)
A Selftold Life (Author)

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