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Kids' Activities

Jane Lind presents ...

A Canadian ABC

By Lyn Cook
With drawings by Thoreau MacDonald

Theme: Canada's Story, Ages 5 to 8

A Canadian ABC

A four-line verse for each letter of the alphabet, along with one of MacDonald's pen and ink drawings, makes up each of the spreads in the first section of this book. In the second section, Lyn Cook offers free-form poems using the subject for each letter of the alphabet and playing with some of the same lines found in the simple quatrains of the first section.

With this technique, the author offers children an example of the fluidity of language, its different forms for the same subject matter. At the same time, they absorb something of the flavour of their own country because the poems are about the landscape, the people and their activities in the landscape.

The book throughout is purely Canadian, from the apples to be picked from our trees to zooming over ice and snow in zero weather. MacDonald's illustrations, as the publisher explains in the introduction, might be considered "out-of-date" and "out-of-fashion" but they offer readers a taste of drawings from the twenties and thirties, a piece of Canadian art history that can be explored with students.

Thoreau MacDonald, an illustrator, designer, and painter, was the son of Group of Seven founder, J.E.H. MacDonald. Because he was colour blind, Thoreau worked mainly in black and white. He produced illustrations for the Ryerson Press and The Canadian Forum, drawings typical of Canadian illustrations during the 1920s and 1930s.


These ideas can be used over a period of time in the classroom--you can return to the book over and over on different days.

1. Read the poems aloud to your class, and let the children who are able take turns reading different pages.

2. Read the poems in pairs from the first and second sections, and talk about the differences in the two.

3. Select and re-read the poems that include the name of a place and identify these on the map of Canada: Kicking Horse (on the B.C.-Alberta border; the name came from the leader of an expedition in 1858, Sir James Hector, being kicked in the chest by a packhorse), Niagara, Ottawa (Outaouak), Quebec, Yukon.

4. Re-read the poems and identify the locations of each, that is, which part of the country and the specific place (example: orchard, beach, forest).

5. Let each child choose the poem that begins with the same letter as her or his given name. The children can copy their poems and make a new illustration to go with it.

6. Let the children choose the letter that begins their family name and write a poem for that letter and illustrate it.

from the
Theme Catalogue and Teaching Guide for Children's Books
written for Penumbra Press by Jane Lind
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