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Kids' Activities

Jane Lind presents ...

A Christmas Tree from Puddin' Stone Hill

Written by Elsie Hadden Mole
Illustrated by Sylvia Hahn

Theme: Christmas, Ages 5 to 8

A Christmas Tree
from Puddin' Stone Hill

This is a story of how Timmy managed to bring home a Christmas tree by himself, at least he thought he was by himself until he discovered that Black Cat came with him.

As he tramped through he forest looking for a tree, he stopped off to talk to a chickadee, and he was feeling quite cheerful when suddenly, something fierce jumped out of a snowy pine tree. Timmy was frightened until he saw it was Black Cat. He scolded her and told her to go home because she kept frightening the birds and the squirrels.

He plodded on, and Black Cat kept disappearing, and reappearing and Timmy finally stopped shouting at her and scolding her. As it turned out, Black Cat led him to the best tree.

He sawed it down and began dragging it home. But then he felt confused. He had circled around so much he was not sure which way to go. But Black Cat started off, took a few steps forward and then turned her head to wait for Timmy to follow. He knew cats can always find their way home, so he followed her and found his way home with the tree.

This story successfully weaves together at least three different themes--a child facing fear in the course of doing something adventuresome; relating to a pet and the wild creatures; and of course, Christmas.


The Christmas story ends before Timmy decorates his tree. Let the children speculate on how Timmy and his mother might decorate their tree. Discuss where Timmy lives, and how that influences his Christmas decorations--he is not likely to run to the store. After the discussion, let the children draw a picture of Timmy's living room with him and his mother either decorating the tree or when they have completed it.

from the
Theme Catalogue and Teaching Guide for Children's Books
written for Penumbra Press by Jane Lind
© Jane Lind

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