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Kids' Activities

Jane Lind presents ...

Howlin' Marie

By Maria Andersen

Theme: Autobiography,Young Adult

Howlin' Marie

This is the story of Maria Andersen's childhood in Copenhagen in the 1880s. She seemed to have come into the world howlin' and she kept it up all through her childhood.

The book takes us through Marie's adventures and misfortunes, from the time she got lost and ended up howlin' her way into the police station where a policeman had taken her, to her first day at school and all the mischief that came her way there. Despite her howlin', Marie is such a good-natured and lively little girl that one can't help but feel fond of her.

Since Marie's family was poor, the children became the object of well-to-do women who wanted to give charity to the poor. Marie and her sister were invited out for a good square meal once a week, and were sent off to a farm for a month in the summer. But it seemed no matter where Marie went, no matter what she did, she got into scrapes and caused "trouble" from the point of view of grown ups.

Marie's story takes us to her confirmation at the end of the book, and even on such a special day she gets into mischief. At dinner time Uncle Peter tried to stand up to propose a toast to Marie. His chair supported the board Marie was sitting on, and she went flying backwards. Instinctively, she grabbed at something, which happened to be the tablecloth and her plate and glass of cherry wine came down on top of her. She howled, of course, true to her name.


Write an autobiographical account of your life beginning with your birth. For any parts that you are not sure of, interview your parents or brothers and sisters or other older relatives.

from the
Theme Catalogue and Teaching Guide for Children's Books
written for Penumbra Press by Jane Lind
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