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Kids' Activities

Jane Lind presents ...

Legs et Bizou / Legs and Bizou

Written by Frances Cherry
Illustrated by Corinne Tounsi

Theme: Animals / Pets, Ages 5 to 8

Legs and Bizou

This is a playful, light-hearted story from the point of view of Bizou, a black poodle. He travels to Paris with Legs, a dancer and has all kinds of adventures. He could not understand French, and he was so interested in the new sights and sounds that Legs could hardly keep track of him. Bizou manages to learn some French, but in the end after his travels he is delighted with the idea of being home again.

The book begins in English, but changes to French the longer Legs and Bizou stay in Paris. The illustrations capitalize on the small dog's line of vision, and cleverly depict most scenes from his point of view.


1. Why did Legs and Bizou go to Paris?

2. Why did Bizou have to travel inside a sack on the metro?

3. What did Bizou do when Legs told him to sit in a corner when she was dancing?

4. How did Bizou feel about getting back home again?

from the
Theme Catalogue and Teaching Guide for Children's Books
written for Penumbra Press by Jane Lind
© Jane Lind

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