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Kids' Activities

Jane Lind presents ...

Little Stitch

Written by Margaret Bunel Edwards
Illustrated by Judi Pennanen

Theme: Science / Health, Ages 5 to 8

Little Stitch

Penny is a lively little girl who rides her new bicycle at a ferocious speed down the hill to get home in time for supper. But when she tries to stop, she rolls over, scrapes her knee and cuts her chin. She walks home the rest of the way beside her bicycle.

Her mother decides Penny must see a doctor, so her parents take her to the hospital. The doctor is a good-humoured man who gives her a shot to numb her chin and then stitches her up.

The story is told in a gentle, straight-forward way and the illustrations portray the people as good-humoured and caring. Penny's parents do not scold her and through it all she learns something new about taking care of herself.


1. Why did Penny ride her bike so fast?

2. Why did Mr. Jennings call her a big green bug?

3. Why did her mother decide Penny should see a doctor?

4. Why did the doctor call Penny "Little Stitch"?

5. What did Penny learn about biking?


1. This book is especially suitable for teaching language skills, for expanding vocabulary. Many of the words are easy for beginning readers, and other words that may be unfamiliar are action words that the children would enjoy saying and using. Here are some examples.

Penny Ellis hummed happily
she pedalled
dress whispered
wheels whirred
tires skidded, danced, squeaked
she snuggled
knee was scraped

After reading the story with the children, write the words on the chalkboard or on chart paper and talk about their meanings, and let the children try making up sentences using those words.

2. Storytelling. Allow time for the children to tell stories about their own accidents or injuries, or about experiences of being hospitalized.

After the storytelling session, create a bulletin board titled "Visiting the Doctor." Give each child strips of paper on which to record their experiences in brief sentences. For example, "Ben went to the doctor because...." These can all be posted on the bulletin board.

from the
Theme Catalogue and Teaching Guide for Children's Books
written for Penumbra Press by Jane Lind
© Jane Lind

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