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Kathleen Osgood Dana

Long, Long Goodbyes (Translator)

Vivian Darroch-Lozowski

Accents: To Write This Child (General Editor, Afterword)
Antarctica Body (Author, Photographer)
Notebook of Stone: From the Tibetan Plateau and Berlin (Author)

Gary Michael Dault

Georgian Bay, 1938: Barker Fairley (Editor)
Wild Geese & Other Poems (Editor)

Gwendolyn Davies

Scarlet Hunters: Pre-Raphaelitism in Canada (Essay)

Angela E. Davis

Scarlet Hunters: Pre-Raphaelitism in Canada (Essay)

Dawendine (Bernice Loft Winslow)

Iroquois Fires: The Six Nations Lyrics and Lore of Dawendine (Author, Storyteller)

David Day

The Animals Within (Author)

Patrice Desbiens

The Invisible Man / L'Homme Invisible (Author)
Mooskek Reader #1: Black Moss journal (Poems)

Robert Dickson

The Invisible Man / L'Homme Invisible (Introduction)
Mooskek Reader #1: Black Moss journal (Essay, Poems)

Andrew Donskov

Leo Tolstoy and the Canadian Doukhobors: An Historic Relationship ()
The Peasant Kingdom: Canada in the 19th-Century Russian Imagination (General Editor)
Russian Roots and Canadian Wings: Russian Archival Documents on the Doukhobor Emigration (General Editor)

Clive Doucet

Canal Seasons (Author)

Prentice G. Downes

Kyass: Cree Legends of Pelican Narrows (Transcriber, Editor)
The Legend of the Mimigwesseos (Editor, Transcriber)
The Story of Chakapas: A Cree Indian Legend (Transcriber)
Wisakyjak and the New World (Editor, Transcriber)

André Drouin

It All Begins With Tenderness (Author)

Robbie Newton Drummond

Arctic Circle Songs: Fifty "Delta Hushpuppies" (Author)

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