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Kim Fahner

braille on water (Author)
The Narcoleptic Madonna (Author)

Barker Fairley

Georgian Bay, 1938: Barker Fairley (Artist)
Wild Geese & Other Poems (Author)

Dorothy Alicia Farmiloe

Words For My Weeping Daughter (Author)

Abel Fiddler

Legends from the Forest (Storyteller)

Chief Thomas Fiddler

Killing the Shamen (Storyteller)
Legends from the Forest (Storyteller)

Edtrip Fiddler

Legends from the Forest (Translator)

Levius Fiddler

Legends from the Forest (Artist)

Seaton Findlay

Capital Woodlands: A Field and Armchair Guide to Ottawa's Urban Woodlands and Wooded Areas (Author)
La Capitale Boisée: Guide du naturaliste et du randonneur virtuel: bois urbains et zones boisées d'Ottawa (Author)

Joan Finnigan

Life Along the Opeongo Line: The Story of a Colonization Road (Author, Photographer)
Looking For a Turnout (Author, Poems)

Gelineau P. Fisher

Legends from the Forest (Artist)

Lionel LeMoine FitzGerald

The Fitzgerald Alphabet (Artist)
My Name is Louis (Artist)

Paula FitzGerald

One of the Many Stories about the King (Author)

Chastity Fizzard

Happy in this Oblivion (Composer)

John Flood

The Land They Occupied (Author)
Mooskek Reader #1: Black Moss journal (Editor, Essays)
No Longer North (Author)
Sketchbook, 1915-1922: J.E.H. MacDonald (Editor)
The Master's Wife: The Book and the Place: Essays on Sir Andrew Macphail's "Masterpiece" (Editor)
Thoreau MacDonald's Notebooks (Editor, Introduction)
Untitled Novel, ca. 1905 (Editor)
The Voice of the Natives: The Canadian North and Alaska (Foreword)

Jim Flosdorf

Temagami (Author)

Robert Fontaine

Movies Ate My Brain (Author)

R. Douglas Francis

In the New Capital: A Nineteenth-Century View of Ottawa in the Twenty-First Century (Editor)

William E. Fredeman

Scarlet Hunters: Pre-Raphaelitism in Canada (Essay)

Mary Frost

Straightlines (Poems)

Terry Fuchs

Waking at Rush Cove (Author)

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