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John Galbraith

In the New Capital: A Nineteenth-Century View of Ottawa in the Twenty-First Century (Author)

William H. Gerdts

North by South: The Art of Peleg Franklin Brownwell (1857-1946) (Foreword)

C.H. (Marty) Gervais

Autobiographies (Author)
The Border Police: One Hundred and Twenty-Five Years of Policing in Windsor (Author)
Letters from the Equator (Author)
People In Struggle: The Life and Art of Bill Stapleton (Author)
Scenes from the Present: new selected poems (Author)
Up Country Lines (Author)

Carole Giangrande

Do I Have To Go To Sleep? ()

Deborah Godin

Stranded in Terra (Author, Artist)
Translating Genesis (Author)
Troubling a Star (Author)

David J. Goldfield

The Ambassador's Word: Hostage Crisis in Peru, 1996-1997 ()

M. Corey Goldman

A Jew In Deed (Author)

Maria Gomez Umaña

Collie Rescue (Illustrator)

Titus Goodman

Legends from the Forest (Storyteller)

Mary Weymark Goss

Country You Can't Walk In (Illustrator)
Economies of Gratitude (Illustrator)
In Hiding (Author, Illustrator)
Inscription Rock (Illustrator)
Mooskek Reader #1: Black Moss journal (Illustrator)

Bonnie Gosse

Soapstone Carving for Children (Author, Artist)
Teaching Soapstone Carving for Children: A Teacher's Guide (Author, Artist)

Dave Gosse

Soapstone Carving for Children (Photographer)

Neile Graham

Seven Robins (Author)

Julie Greto

Montreal Movie Palaces: Great Theatres of the Golden Era 1884 - 1938 (Photographer)

Grey Owl (Archie Belaney)

Grey Owl's Favorite Wilderness Revisited (Featured)

Group of Seven

The Arctic 1927: A.Y. Jackson (Featured)
The Barbados Journal, 1932: J.E.H. MacDonald (Featured)
A Boy All Spirit: Thoreau MacDonald in the 1920s (Featured)
J.E.H. MacDonald, Designer: An Anthology of Graphic Design, Illustration and Lettering (Featured)
One Summer In Quebec: A.Y. Jackson in 1925: A Family View (Featured)
Sketchbook, 1915-1922: J.E.H. MacDonald (Featured)
Thoreau MacDonald's Notebooks (Featured)
Two Jacksons Abroad: 1936 (Featured)

Naomi Jackson Groves

The Arctic 1927: A.Y. Jackson (Editor, Introduction)
The Dead Day: Drama in Five Acts (Translator)
Ernst Barlach: Life in Work (Editor, Introduction)
One Summer In Quebec: A.Y. Jackson in 1925: A Family View (Author)
The Poor Relation (Translator)
A Selftold Life (Translator)
The Sky Hangs Low (Translator)
Two Jacksons Abroad: 1936 (Author, Artist)
The Unicorn of the Arctic Sea: The Narwhal And Its Habitat (Translator)
Winter Into Summer: Lapland Diary, 1945-1946 (Author)

Ólafur Gunnarsson

Gaga (Author)

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